1 hour Bio~Genesis session
 in person or distance

45 Min Bio~Genesis Session
in person or distance                      $65.00          

5 day Bio~Genesis Treatment Plan for 
 distance  only, consisting of 5 one hr consecutive sessions                        $375.00                      
See below for session instructions after purchase
After purchasing your session please provide me with a photo of  the person ,animal  or area to be treated  along with  detailed info  of symptoms ,injury etc... 

Including info on how soon you need session  and what we are treating..  along with a   first  , last name  so that I can direct healing to you , another person or  animal.

after your payment  clears I will call you to schedule your session soon as possible.

please contact me if you have any questions!

I look forward to working with you .


Session instructions
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Remember to drink plenty of water after a session..

   1/2 hr DreamLight Sessions @ $50
 1/2 hr. Quantum ~Touch   $60