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 Non evasive system designed to offer:
• Anti-aging and energy renewal
• Rejuvenation of the skin and face
• Profound stress relief
• Sleep enhancement
• Mood-lifting
• A deep sense of well being
• Alpha & Theta brain wave entrancement

System is based on the latest state of the art research from around the world in the well established fields of:
• Biophotonics
• Bioenergetics
• Brainwave Stress Management
• Anti-Aging
• Holistic Wellness
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" More effective & Safer than Lasers
unlike lasers which deliver enough power  to actually damage the tissue in order to stimulate healing.LEDs are completely non-invasive. infrared LED will actually penetrate deeper than a red Laser.
 "All- in- One"
"Five unique patented programs that stimulate a series of biological responses at the cellular level, causing the body to release healing enzymes that increase cellular metabolism and the production of ATP, the energy currency of the body. 

By activating the body's own healing system, LEDs provide a gentle, safe and affordable solution for the visible signs of aging and other degenerative issues of the body. 
" Renewal"
"Blue Calm"
"Body Relief"
"Hair and Scalp"
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" Hand Program "
Red and near-infrared light wavelengths have positive effects on injured cells. The light triggers an instant response to create ATP, which is cellular energy. The light also increases both DNA and RNA functions. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) deliver this healing light. LEDs aren't strong enough to cause damage to tissue yet the light provides the energy for the body to heal itself. Positive results are occurring in the treatment of eye conditions.


  In the 1990s, LED research showed that near-infrared wavelengths enhance mitochondria activity. NASA found this important as mitochondria does not function appropriately in space and wounds heal very slowly. NASA created light emitting diodes that proved as effective as lasers without the damage caused by laser light.


  LED light therapy treats many conditions of the skin, joints and soft tissue, and it has also had positive effects on eye conditions that have defied other treatments.

  According to New Scientist Magazine, a neurologist, Harry Whelan, from the Medical College of Wisconsin, tested eye injuries with LEDs. Rats blinded by methanol were blind after one to two days. Their optic nerves and retinal cells were dying. When treated with LEDs, using a wavelength of 670 nanometers five, 25 and 50 hours after exposure, they regained up to 95 percent of their eyesight. Exposure to the LEDs was for 105 seconds at a time.
  Macular Degeneration Treatment

  Macular degeneration is a condition of the eye typically associated with aging. The condition can detach the retina, causing blindness. Macular degeneration was believed to be incurable.

  Dr. Charles McGee used an LED for 10 minutes in each eye of a patient. Performing the treatment for 10 minutes each day over the course of a few months, the patient's vision improved dramatically.


  The Mayo Clinic studied the result of light therapy. The results indicated that devices such as lasers and LEDs are more the mechanism of healing and not the cause of healing. The positive healing results are directly from the effect of light and not the delivery method. LEDs are considered less harmful to tissue than laser treatments.

  Dr. Harry Riley Spitler, who is credited with developing the clinical science of light therapy in the 1920s, calls the process of light therapy syntonics or to bring into balance. The research he performed validates the effect that light has on human function and health.


  Research LED therapy before deciding on personal treatment. Although many LED products can be purchased for self-treatment, they are recommended for conditions such as aches and pains, skin problems and conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder and seasonal affective disorder.

  Using syntonic phototherapy should be guided and supervised by a professional. It is a valid treatment to address medical conditions with poor visual function. For example, the College of Syntonic Optometry provides light therapy to its patients.

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LEDS for Macular Degeneration 
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