Kim  is a wonderful transformational healing facilitator,intuitive and has a natural ability to hold a space for  love & healing and a gift for assisting others in their quest for higher knowledge as well as many others.

Her chosen mission is to be an authentic representative and to assist in sustaining the health  and well being of all people & animals .

.Kim has 16 yrs experience with  holistic  therapies  and remedies, energy healing modalities, including extensive healing  with Dogs ,Cats ,Reptiles and amphibians.

 though it was through the sudden and unexpected death of her father in 1993 that led her to explore  this realm and her own healing abilities  and alternatives so that she could make a difference in the lives of others.

a Quantum~Touch healing practitioner taught by by Quantum~Touch founder/author Richard Gordon in 1999  while later  incorporating the Bio~Genesis healing tools of light in 2006

in addition to energy work she is also a writer working on her first book about her "Animal Kingdom" and an artist who cultivated her creativity and unique skills for her business "My Special Angel" in 1995 in which she handcrafted paper cards, soft sculptured angel, goddess and childrens dolls.

 however her main focus was  stress reduction in
which she made extraordinary Eye and Buckwheat Hull Pillows  made from the finest fabric,silks and  known as "The Eye Pillow Lady. 

While her healing abilities continue to unfold as well as dedication to ongoing knowledge,research It is this tremendous resources deepest joy and honor to share with everyone at this time the best healing services,wellness recommendation's available.

" I've received from Kim a beautiful joyful light that inspires and creates a space of  love for healing.as we know , all healing is self healing so we only need to allow the light and love to come into us.

Kim provides a safe, compassionate space for this to happen. she is of the light and can transmit light.
I highly  recommend her sessions!

Nina Wilkins, channel for Sananda and Kudos .Healer,author Carmel,Ca

" I have felt called to do this work and feel blessed to be able to offer it to you and your animal friends..
Yes, this is "illuminated healing"  though I'm just one of the doorways to it.
if you're having a dis~eased state  we can work together as Co ~ creators 
in helping you to get at ~ Ease.

                            Do I feel like the right person for you ?   
"Kim has helped me open, release and heal a lot of pain and grief that was eluding more traditional therapy. I am physically, emotionally and spiritually more grounded than I have ever been. Thank you Kim!"   Rod G, Ca
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