~ Welcome to illuminated healing located in
  Monterey ,Ca

Are you experiencing Dis ~ ease? there are many ways to  bring oneself  back into balance.

 I'll be sharing and illuminating some powerful  transformational healing , holistic wellness modalities and  resources  with you.

 Informed by many processes I offer work based on a profound respect for the knowledge the body conveys to us about what we need to heal on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels .

"Energy Medicine has gained new ground in the last 25 years and is becoming more mainstream. for many energy heaing and 

alternative therapies have become the preferred choice of
treatment due to the acheived results and lack of serious side effects.

               Advanced  ancient  technology for modern times 

Here now infused with this light of creation these extraordinary elegant , powerful crystalline healing tools and wheels of Genesis radiate transformational energy to heal, regenerate and restore harmony , balance to all levels of your life and environment. 

 Reduce pain
Reduce growths
Reduce the effects of trauma
Relieve stress,anxiety and depression

Enhance recovery from surgery and injuries
Promote Mending of bone and tissue

Support the  transition process 

Release toxins ,negativity
Restore self worth
Restore youth ,vitality and stamina
Enhance ,repair cellular health
Promote weight loss
Break addictions
Manifest intentions  and much more.....

 The body has an extraordinary ability to heal itself  and this Resonant healing energy helps to maximize it's own capacity to heal.rather than just working on symptoms Quantum~Touch
can address the root cause of disease.

The body knows how to bring itself back to wholeness, given the proper conditions.

Quantum~Touch does not claim to treat or heal specific conditions,the effectiveness is based on an individuals ability to heal and the results will vary,ultimately if the body can , it will heal itself and Quantum~Touch may accelerate that process. 


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Bio ~ Genesis

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       "Enlighten your cells"
 "The Most Advanced Leading Edge Light Therapy Sessions available in Monterey 

Increased speed of healing with pre- and post-surgical  Bio-Genesis sessions

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